Hunz Wiki

About the game[]

HunZ is an emulator of Infestation: Sourvivor Stories, which is an open world Zombie MMORPG. Survival is the most important in this inhospitable post-apocalyptic world. Survival of the fittest is the only rule, that can be achieved in many ways. There are the lonely wolves, some roam the world in flocks, some of them are friendly, and others are motivated by blood and loot. Everyone is free to decide how to play the game, only the community may have influence on this. Survivors have to explore the area of Colorado, a 10 m2 map filled wih farms, woods, cities, and of course bloodthirsty zombies. This is no picnic, the infected are everywhere, and hunting for prey. This may seem unfair, but survivors have a huge arsenal of weapons at disposal to prepare for the fight.


Weapons are an integral part of the game. Different kind of weapons can be found all across Colorado: melee and ranged. Every person may have 1 melee or small ranged weapon, and a "main" ranged weapon accessible with hotkeys or the mouse scroll. Others can be kept though in the backpack, and switched from there with the ones in hand.

Colorado map[]


The whole map is explorable on land and water, by foot or cars. Food and consumables can be found around farms, cities (barricaded with crashed cars, and other obstacles), all of them neccesary for survival.