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Adrenaline vaccine[]

Although this type of vaccine is available on the original servers, this one is 100% HunZ developed. You can revive your fallen teammates with this vaccine three times before they die. Items will be dropped only 20 seconds after recieving lethal damage, until then, the vaccine is usable.


Adrenaline vaccine on HunZ


Our server was the first to have functional cars. These are accessible on PVE servers, spread across the whole map.


HunZ - Működő Autók !

Custom Zombie AI []

Zombies will only detect players, if they are in it's field of vision, which is approx 90o wide, and also walls and objects will cover you. Zombies can see in 40 m distance.

Field of Vision : Zombies will only follow you to the last position that they saw you, if they find noone in that location, they start patrolling the area.


HunZ - field of vision implementation test

Sound detection[]

It consists of two parts:

  • outside of view distance
If the zombie hears something from above view distance, it will turn in it's direction, but will not see anyone. It will start walking in the sound source's direction, and patrol.
Distances from which zombies can hear shots fired:

Sniper rifle: 250m

Automatic guns: 150m
Shotguns and small guns: 75m
Melee weapons: 5m
  • below view distance
If the zombie hears something in it's FoV, it will act the same as before, but will aggro on the first visible player.


The zombies will only aggro on visible players. If you are being chased by a zombie, it will always try to face you. You can hide from zombies though, by getting in cover: walls or other objects are your friend.

If you leave the zombie's field of view, it will go to the last location where it could see you, and patrol the area.

Custom spawn system[]

Custom loot system[]


Players hit by zombies or other players may recieve deep wounds, that cause bleeding. Only bandages or first aid kits can stop bleeding.